Friday, August 19, 2011

Billy Corben Speaks

Filmmaker Billy Corben answers a few questions about the current Miami allegations.  I agree with just about everything that he has to say.  Corben claims that Shapiro was a wanna-be Uncle Luke.  The difference is that Luke was a mentor to these young men.  He took these players under his wing and pushed them in the right direction.  Luke was respected--Shapiro was not.  Shapiro attempted to buy his friendships.  He was looking out for nobody but himself, like he still is today.  He attempted to impress players by flaunting money that wasn't his, for his own personal gratification.  He could have cared less about the former and current athletes, he only cared about his public image.  Shapiro wanted to be the big guy on campus.  Problem is, he will forever be known be known as a rat and a snitch.  A felon who swindled millions out of hard-working people.  If you want to talk about morals and ethics, you can find them with your back turned to Nevin Shapiro.

Bill Corgan Interview