Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Duke Stands Firm

2012 commit and scout five star running back "Duke" Johnson affirmed his pledge to the University of Miami football program today.  According to the Miami Herald, Duke states that he will remain committed to Miami "until they pull my [his] scholarship away."  That's certainly good to hear.  He has been on board with the Canes since he first received his offer and it is nice to see a player with such loyalty--one who sticks by his word.  While it is still to be seen how many of the others will remain committed, it is safe to say that the Duke will be suited up in orange and green come next year.  Johnson goes on to say that he would "be shocked if Miami received the death penalty."  In all honesty, I would be shocked as well.  These allegations hold no comparison to what S.M.U. was found guilty of.  For more on this, check out: