Thursday, August 18, 2011


The NCAA is nothing more than a greedy corporation.  There are littered with boards of directors, committees, presidents, execs., representatives, and cabinets.  Sounds a lot like Congress.  Run as efficiently as Congress too.  They are a giant conglomeration that overlook collegiate athletics--and they want their cut.  Things need to change--they need to change soon.  Does anybody really care if a star athlete receives favoritism from fans or boosters?  We are all aware of the revenue that these sports drive in, so why is it such a big deal if some players seek to make a buck or two?  Not me.  Hell, compensate them for all I care.  And as long as these athletes perform to their utmost potential it makes zero difference to me what they receive off of the field. 

The fact is, the NCAA sees what Miami has allegedly done as very bad and ESPN and other media outlets are out to make us fully aware that Miami football needs to be buried once and for all.  The NCAA is mad because this booster should have been giving more to them instead of wining and dining potential commits and current players.  The fact is, these players are free to accept whatever they want when they graduate to the NFL, but as long as they remain in college they will be watched more than Tiger Woods in a Waffle House.  I say to current athletes: sell your jerseys and sign your autographs, if you are that good at a sport it should be seen only as a perk.