Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Sad Time to be a Hurricanes Fan

With all of the recent allegations coming out, it is a sad day to be a Miami Hurricanes fan.  Who would have thought that one slimy little weasel could potentially bring down a once powerhouse program.  Well fans, lets hope that we don't receive the death penalty.  It is safe to say that Mr. Dirtbag does have some credibility since he provided photographs of himself with former athletes and coaches.  Hell, Tyrone Moss has already come forward with his two cents so there is some relevance to this guy.  But to what extent can you trust in a convicted felon currently serving 20 years in prison?  Revenge is clearly this guy's motive.  Spite for all of the players who so coldly turned their backs on the man who once helped them--the one who provided yachts, cash, prostitutes--and yes, abortions.  Hurricane nation, grip tight and lube up, it's going to be a wild ride.

Let's hope that the statute of limitations will be considered for most of these accusations.  In regards to the credit card statements, these really prove nothing.  It is impossible to judge from old statements who was with this guy.  As far as the yacht--is it illegal for somebody to have a good time on a "friend's" boat?  I think not.  A majority of these kids came from nothing.  They had never lived a lavish lifestyle.  Who can honestly say they blame these young men for wanting to experience wealth?  Not me.  This goes on at every major college university--it just a matter of time before your team is caught.

It is safe to that that recruiting will take a hit because of this.  It may be current commits or prospective recruits, this will certainly further taint "Thug U's" image.  It sucks to think that Golden may have to wait 2 or 3 or 5 more years to become nationally relevant again (not that we were before this mess).  We can't even win when we cheat!  That should be punishment in itself!  Just when we began to turn a new page, enter a rather refreshing era--a Golden one-- this happens...

Anyhow, among the current players listed in the report: J12, Benjamin, Ojomo, Ray Ray (my favorite!), Vernon, Telemaque, Spense, Robinson, Nicholas, A. Johnson, Vernon, Forston, and Dye.  If these allegations are true, look for a most definite suspension of some kind for the aforementioned.  Let's hope not though.  As for the guys in the League, I don't see anything coming of this.  I have been a Caneiac for as long as I can remember and it saddens me to type this.  I have asked myself: if UM football were to be publicly euthanized, who would you root for?  I can honestly say that there isn't any other team that I could cheer on.  I live for Miami football (and my daughter) and I think that I would give up watching college ball altogether.  More time to golf I guess.  Until we meet again.

To be continued...