Saturday, September 24, 2011

'Canes Fall Short to K-State

Well Cane Nation, we are most certainly used to this feeling by now.  Our 'Canes fell flat against Kansas State.  On a last minute drive with the ball inside the five yard line we failed to score.  Such a heart breaker.  I haven't been this sad since my beloved 'Canes lost to the Bux in the dreaded Fiesta Bowl.  That may be pushing it, but nevertheless, what a downer.  With a chance to knock off K-State in the final seconds of the game, we were embarrassed.  Where is the O-Line?  Why not run Hagen's?  So many what-if's.

As the 'Canes fall to 1-2, they will most certainly not enter the realm of the top 25.  They came out flat in the first half.  Kansas State abused us, both on the ground and through the air.  It is apparent that the Brown brother's may have made the right decision by choosing to stay at home. Lamar Miller was a non-factor and our passing game was nowhere to be found.  But then...

The second half.  The "U" was a totally different team.  They were physical, they were cocky, they were what they should have been in the first half.  Lamar Miller broke off a 59 yard run for a touchdown and Harris torched the K-State D.  And then came the chance to win the game.  A chance to show the football world that beating Ohio State wasn't a fluke.  But they couldn't.  First and goal and Harris throws a pass to Walford that if caught should have been a touchdown.  Second and goal and Mike James is stuffed.  Third and goal--well you get the picture.  Then came fourth and goal.  With Harris rolling out to the left he decides to take off and head for the endzone.  Could it be?  Touchdown!  But wait...

After further review it was clear that Harris's knee was down at the one yard line before the ball ever crossed the plane.  So close.  Oh, so close.  The call would be overturned and K-State would run out the clock.  Game over.

As much as I wanted a win, it is hard to knock K-State.  Their QB is an ox.  He was battered all day, but still, he got up and put points on the board.  Our defense has been a let down thus far.  We need Ray Ray back ASAP.  Although I didn't expect the "U" to play for a championship this year, I sure as hell didn't expect them to lose to Kansas State.  Makes me wonder how bad our backside will get pounded come Florida State--or the rest of the season for that matter.

In all, fans you can't knock Harris.  He looked sharp today.  He came through in the second half, but was one yard short of a win.  You could see the disappointment on his face.  The whole goal line play calling wasn't the greatest.  I'm sure Golden will rip into Fisch at some point.

Until next weekend.  Let's hope we can at least beat Bethune-Cookman.