Wednesday, October 26, 2011

'Canes Fan's want New Stadium

Hola 'Canes Nation.

So, recently there has been an outrage from 'Canes fan's implying that we need a place to call home for our beloved team in green and orange.  I, myself have signed this petition without hesitation.  After all, why should the "U" not have their own stadium?  Five National Championship's; 34 consecutive wins; a 58 home game win streak; 6 first round draft selections; 14 consecutive years with a player being drafted in the first round of the NFL draft; the list goes on and on.  Not to mention the Cane's being one of the most marketable brands in all of college sports; or the money that the football team brings in for the city of Miami.

However, is chanting for a new "Orange Bowl" not beating a dead horse?  Didn't the University of Miami agree to a 25 year contract to play at Sun Life (or whatever the hell it's to be called on this particular day)?  Doesn't seem like the "U" plans on going anywhere for a while...for a very long while.  That's as long as my mortgage!

Since day one, fan's have tried every way to boycott the 'Canes for tearing down the old Orange Bowl.  That place was a frickin' sports icon.  It makes no sense to me why the University would not just renovate the ol' stadium.  I guess it is because the city believes that the Marlin's are a bigger draw than the "U."  I'm gonna go out on a small limb here and say  In any event, where do the fan's plan on resurrecting this new home?

Obviously, there isn't much room on or close to campus. Some say Tropical Park.  Not bad, but highly doubtful.   Perhaps Bayfront?  Maybe.  Or how about on the fringes of Coral Gables?  Once again, anything's possible.

But from the University's perspective, would fan's be able to fill the seats in this new stadium?  Why would the University want to build a brand new stadium only to pack it half-full?  People would argue that we couldn't fill the seats in the old Orange Bowl, so it doesn't matter.  Well, in today's age my friend's, it does matter.  It is all about money. 

The University of Miami is a small, private school.  There are only what, 15,000+ students?  You cannot expect to fill a stadium that is fit to hold quadruple it's student body.  It just won't happen.  Now when I attended The Ohio State University--this campus was bigger than friggin' Vatican City.  There are 52,000+ students in Columbus ALONE that attend this University.  Plus, there isn't much of anything to do in Ohio except go to Ohio State games.  Granted I am not one of these people, but Miami is a much more diverse city.  Aside from the obvious South Beach, there is an endless amount of trips to be had in Miami other than going to a Miami Hurricane's football game and hanging out at a half-empty (or is it half-full?) stadium--although, the latter would be at the top of my list.  Filling a stadium is just not feasible.  Hell, the Heat couldn't even sell out games with the arrival of 'Bron 'Bron.  Just sayin...   

Don't get me wrong, I would love a new place to call home.  However, I hate to be the pessimist here 'Canes Nation, but I wouldn't hold my breath.  These same talks have been afloat since the demolition of the old Orange Bowl.  And yet they have since fizzled into the atmosphere, never to be revamped.
I did my part and signed the proposed petition and I hope that enough public outcry is enough to annoy Eichorst somewhat.  But as John Lennon once said: "People say that I'm a dreamer."

Apparently this time I'm not the only one.

For those interested, the petition can be seen here.  Do your civil duty and at least try to get the "U" a new place to call home!

Final prediction for the Virginia vs. Miami game:

As always, Go 'Canes!