Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Micanor Regis Suspended

Well Cane's Nation, it seems as if we will suffer another blow to our already porous defense. 

Senior defensive tackle Micanor Regis will be suspended for Saturday's game vs. Georgia Tech for a violation of team rules.  Regis was spotted punching North Carolina receiver Dwight Jones in the groin. 

Said Golden, "Micanor's actions in the North Carolina game will not be tolerated."  Golden continued, "Quite honestly I'm embarrassed and I just apologized to coach Withers and shared that sentiment." 

Regis responded, "I'm truly sorry for my foolish actions in the North Carolina game.  It was hurtful, wrong, and embarrassing..." 

Regis has three tackles for losses, one sack, and and two pass breakups.  He has started 16 games in his career at the University of Miami.

A video of Regis punching Jones can be seen here.