Saturday, October 8, 2011

Tough Loss at Virginia Tech

The University of Miami lost 38-35 in a nail-biter at Blacksburg.  Man!  We were so close.  Jacory Harris played lights out, no doubt about it.  And as for our defense, well, they were there in their physical form, but in terms of playing hard, physical football, they were nowhere to be found.  Game in and game out the 'Canes D continues to let us down.  Time after time they give up the big play.  It happened at Maryland and it happened with Kansas State--and now it has happened at Virginia Tech.

The 'Canes offense played with passion today.  They wore their heart's on their sleeve's.  They scored on four consecutive possessions to keep the "U" in the game--and at one point in the lead.  Lamar Miller, I love you man.  And I mean that in the most heterosexual, manly way.  Kid is the real deal.  He ran hard, lowered his shoulder when he had to, and finished off his runs.  On 18 carries for 166 yards, Miller brought his streak to 5 games with at least 100 yards rushing.  He also caught a 15 yard touchdown pass thrown by freshman wide receiver Phillip Dorsett.

As for Jacory Harris, great game man.  He went 13 for 21 with a total of 267 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Once again, Harris played a solid, interception-free game.  He continued to get rid of the ball instead of forcing passes and checked down his receiver's.  Between Harris and Miller playing balls-to-the-wall, it still wasn't enough to hold off the Hokies.

Lamar Miller scored on a 30 yard go-ahead run giving the U a 35-31 lead with 2:56 left in the game.  All we needed was one solid stop by our incompetent defense.  But they could simply not produce.  Virginia Tech drove down the field and scored on a 4th and 1 from 19 yards out.  The Hoke's would go ahead 38-35 with 56 seconds remaining in the game.

Let me first ask this: what is the problem with our defense?  It is our defensive coordinator?  It is Michael Barrow?  Is it the D backs coach?  What's going on?  Maybe it is our player's.  Let me clarify that.  I shouldn't say all of our player's.  Spence seems to play full-throttle, as does Chickillo.  Same with Perryman and some others.  But as for the rest, we are missing that fire.  We are devoid of any leadership.  No Ray Lewis or Ed Reed.  And as for Telemaque and Armstrong being one of the best tandems in the country--yawn.  By the way Ray Ray you are still my favorite Cane.

Moving on, with 56 seconds left in the game and all 3 timeout's remaining, time management would become an issue.  Jacory was scrambling around burning time off of the clock faster than Charlie Sheen can do a line.  After the way our offense played, I was for certain that we would at least send this thing into overtime.  After all, there was plenty of time to march down the field and at least get the tie.  Man was I heartbroken.  My friggin' dog's scurried into the bedroom because they were scared of my loud rants.  It sounded like I was having a one-man rally in my living room.  I thought I was going to give myself a heart-attack.  But in the end, time would run out and the 'Canes would fall oh so short.

However, on this day I am proud to be a Miami Hurricane's fan.  I wear the "U" splendidly.  I sat in front of the t.v., adorned in my Miami hat and jersey, having just watched one hell of a ballgame.  We damn near beat  #21 Virginia Tech while FSU was off foolin' around with Wake Forest.  Another thing that really perturbs me:  How was FSU considered a national title contender and the "U" wasn't!  Seriously?  I keep getting myself sidetracked.  Anyways, this team played hard.  They fought and grinded their way back into the game.  Jacory Harris looked devastated afterwards (having just played like friggin' Drew Brees), as did most of the team and understandably so.  Said Golden after the game: "I love our quarterback.  I really do.  I thought he had an excellent game for us."  Nuff said.

The 'Canes (2-3) will travel to Chapel Hill next week to face a tough UNC team.  Kickoff will be at 12:30 p.m.  This is the first time since 2008 that the 'Canes have started off with a record of 2-3.

As always, Go 'Canes!