Saturday, November 19, 2011

'Canes Beat USF in a Snoozer, 6-3

Well, now that I am coherent once again, the 'Canes knocked off USF in a blowout, 6-3.  With today's win Miami improves to 6-5 and finds themselves bowl eligible.

I haven't dozed off that much since I made the terrible mistake of popping Lost in Translation in the ol' DVD player.  Where was that offense that hung around with Florida State last week?  Jacory Harris was running for his life out there.   He found himself on his back more than one of those Jersey Shore bimbos.
Anyhow, a win is a win and we'll take it.  It may have not been the prettiest of wins, but nevertheless. 

The Miami offense struggled today, to say the least.  This was due in part to the offensive line--they were mostly nonexistent.  At the beginning of the season, all we heard about was how big and dominating our front five would be.  That couldn't be further from the truth.  Our offensive line averages 320 pounds--that's huge!  Yet USF's defensive line managed to mow them over all day.  Harris was sacked a total of six times.  He threw for a respectable 259 yards.

I'm not sure what has happened to Travis Benjamin as of late, but it would be nice if he came back down to Earth.  With his muffed punt last week, his gloves must have been coated with cement today.  He coughed up the ball early in the game and continuously dropped passes.  As a senior, this is inexcusable.  We are currently in week 11, there is no need for excuses anymore.

Likewise, Lamar Miller was not himself today.  He wasn't the same guy who lowered his shoulder last week vs. Florida State.  He would only rush for 50 yards.

The defense was once again solid.  However, it seems that the offense and the defense fail to work as one.  When one is good the other is bad.  The offense could never really capitalize on the defensive stops.

Penalties (surprise, surprise) once again plagued Miami.  What is the deal with Jon Feliciano?  It's about time to say, adios muchacho.  He was responsible for what, three false-start penalties?  Unacceptable.

After snoring myself awake, the 'Canes were able to drive down the field in the final two minutes of the game and found themselves in field goal range.  After USF attempted to ice place-kicker Jake Wieclaw, he went ahead and made the game winning field goal from 36 yards out.

So now that Miami has become bowl eligible, will they choose to go to the dance?  It would be wise to decline a bowl invitation.  In the eyes of the NCAA this would only help our case--unless we get paired up with the Gators, then I say play.

In other news, Seantrel Henderson was carted off of the field due to an apparent knee injury.  This could be a big loss.  He is scheduled to undergo an MRI on Monday.

In their regular season finale, the 'Canes will face a struggling Boston College.  Hopefully they come out victorious.  Kickoff is scheduled at 3:30 p.m.

As always, Go 'Canes!