Sunday, November 27, 2011

Miami Embarrassed by Boston College, 24-17

Well...that was a fitting end to a sub-par season.  Boston College (3-8, I might add), managed to intercept Jacory Harris four times during the senior's last game as a Miami Hurricane.  Harris had only five interceptions on the season before coming into the BC game.  Hardly the way he wanted to go out.

Lamar Miller, who also may have played his last game as a 'Cane, ripped off a 79 yard touchdown run, "the longest carry by a Hurricane since 2000."

Who exactly knows what the cause of this loss was.  It was certainly a game that was filled with emotion.  I thought this was going to be Miami's bowl game?  After this performance, thank goodness they opted out of playing in a bowl.  If they managed to be embarrassed by Boston College, who knows what a decent team would have done to them.  I think it is best to just write this season off--forget about it altogether. 

Now that Golden has signed his extension (after one season and a 6-6 record), I believe that he is the man to get this program turned around once and for all.  Almost all of Shannon's players will be gone and Golden can start fresh.  Let's hope that Golden can keep all of the commitments on board, especially the Duke. 

Was it me or did this season fly by?  One minute we were getting ready for Maryland and the next minute we are watching Jacory Harris throw four interceptions in his last game as a 'Cane. 

Until next year 'Cane Nation...