Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Al Golden on Recruiting

Al Golden is fed up with the negative recruiting that has occurred against Miami.

Golden had one message to the schools that were badmouthing Miami: "Get your licks in now."

Said Golden, "There was a lot of negative recruiting.  We don't have a lot of Achilles heel.  They saw a soft spot and the took it and went after it."

Golden failed to name any names, as far as coaches are concerned, but he insists that most of the negative recruiting took place within the state of Florida.  I'm sure we all have our guesses as to who was saying what.

With NCAA sanctions looming over the program, and perhaps some scholarship reductions, Golden knew that he had to pack his 2012 class to the brim.

"Look guys took a shot at us.  They did.  That's O.K., you know.  Get your licks in now.  That's how I feel."

Golden believes in positive recruiting and insists that downplaying other universities just isn't right.  However, he was clearly bothered by the negative practices that occurred by fellow coaches.