Saturday, March 3, 2012

More Suspensions

When are these kids going to learn? 

It has been reported that tackle Seantrel Henderson, linebacker Kelvin Cain, and cornerback Keion Payne has been suspended from practice on Saturday and Sunday.  However, all three young men are expected to be back to team activities on Monday. 

According to, "It is disappointing," coach Al Golden said. "I think it's disappointing for the team to be honest with you. You can't just weed all of the time. If you're just constantly weeding and that's the problem. When you're trying to improve the program and move forward, you can't just weed the program. You've got to water your garden too."

"We're sitting telling guys that is an incredible off-season and great job, then the next day you have to weed the garden again. After a while you stop using a weed-wacker and you use a shovel and you get the whole root. That's kind of where we're at. There's a lot of kids on the team that have given up a lot and will continue to give up a lot that love the University of Miami and trying to do things the right way. As a group and as a team, we are all disappointed because it's really not that hard of what we're asking them to do. Just do what we're asking you to do and whatever everyone else is doing. It's just a team rule, period." 

Let's hope that these kids get it together, soon.  With the NCAA looming, Miami cannot afford to get into anymore trouble.