Saturday, August 27, 2011

Miami is Most Hated

It has been obvious for quite some time that the Miami Hurricanes are the most hated team in college football.  Players at LSU can beat the crap out of someone at a bar and yet we still manage to overshadow them in the news.  As much as ESPN would love to see this program dissolve into nothing, they always seem to have both lips on our teet.  The hatred is something that us fans have grown accustomed to and it's not going to end anytime soon.  It is used as motivation.  Whether they ask if we have enough players out on parole to fill a roster or refer to us as the ever popular convicts, all of this animosity is used to fuel the fire.  Now we must prove them all wrong on the field.   

Canes Nation continues to remain united amid this temporary mess.  College football asks why?  Why continue to support this program?  In which we respond, why the hell not.  We will always be the bad boys, Canes fans--and that's just the way we like it--it's the only way we prefer.

In other news, I saw that Jacory Harris said that he expects to play this season.  Whether he will be starting come September 5th will remain to be seen.  You have to applaud his optimism though.

I also saw that some of our current commits are continuing to stick by our side.  Duke Johnson, Keith Brown, Gray Crow, Brandon Hollifield, and Preston Dewey say that the latest scandal has no bearing on their commitment.  That's good to hear.

I caught a little bit of the St. Thomas vs. Prattville game.  Jelani Hamilton is a BEAST.  Hope he ends up in green and orange come signing day.  I'm sure all of the other schools will try to get him to waiver.  Stand by us Hamilton!  P.S., don't accept any money!

Be easy Cane Nation.