Friday, August 26, 2011

Commits will De-Commit

National Signing Day is still a long ways away.  As we have learned with today's recruits, absolutely nothing is set in stone.  Giving a coach your verbal commitment is almost irrelevant.  I never understood committing early to a school.  These young kids change their minds more than Dennis Rodman changes dresses.  

The point that I am getting at is with all of this Nevingate stuff floating around, the Canes are going to lose their fair share of current commitments--but we will replace them as well.  The word "probation" strikes more fear in a recruit's eyes than seeing O.J. Simpson in a dark alley.  It has already been known that some of our commits, such as Trent Taylor, are going to reopen their recruiting--which is totally fine.  I understand that this is a tough decision for these young men.  But it seems like nobody wants to work for a spot anymore.  They expect everything to be handed to them.  Whatever happened to a kid working his can off for his coach and his teammates and proving that he has earned a starting spot?  Recruiting has become somewhat of a soap opera.  We wait on these young men hand and foot, following their every move, eying what they wear.  We even watch them announce on national television as they do their best LeBron James impersonations.  And what the hell is up with this new package deal?  The whole, if you offer my buddy too, you can have a 2-for-1 deal.   

Nevertheless, unless you are a Duke Johnson, or a Philip Dorsett, or even an Anthony Chickillo, we should just sit back and let things pan out.  People worry themselves into a frenzy when a commit decides, "you know what, I am going to take all five of my official visits."  I say go ahead, you've earned that right.  

By the way, I happen to be that guy glued to the computer following all of this recruiting rubbish.  For some reason it interests me more than Mel Gibson getting pulled over.  Okay, maybe not that much, but hey, if I can live vicariously through these young men, what the hell, right?  It's something the ol' lady has just learned to accept.

Until we meet again Cane Nation!