Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Players Shall Suffer

The Sun-Sentinel published an article called "UM's problem is adults, not the players."  This seems to always be the case when the NCAA is involved.  All of the former coaches, even Shalala herself, will remain unharmed following this investigation.  "The one's responsible for keeping the slime away from the players embraced it themselves."  I, for some reason, have been skeptical of Shalala from the start.  Maybe it is her whole demeanor.  She reminds me of  the woman from the Manchurian Candidate.  There is a public image and there is a private image.  After all, she "happily cashed Shapiro's six-figure checks."  Why wasn't anyone hesitant about receiving money from Nevin?  Randy Shannon repeatedly informed his players and coaches to distant themselves from this guy.  How could he have been the only one who knew this guy was up to no good?  Shannon may not have been the greatest of head coaches to come through Miami, but he certainly had a level head.  The man bleeds green and orange and he truly looked out for his players.

Players will suffer