Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cane's Fall Short Against Terps

Well Cane Nation, we should be used to this by now.  We get so hyped up for the beginning of the season, only to be let down.  I know it was only the first game of the season and I know that we had eight players suspended, six of which were on defense, but man, Maryland--really?  When were we ever worried about losing to Maryland?  When would that thought even cross our minds?  We're the U.  I honestly believe that we should have beaten that team, even with our depleted defense.  We showed that we could move the ball and we showed that our redzone D had improved.  At least some of the freshman got some game time experience--especially in a loud, nationally televised environment.

I was happy with Stephen Morris.  I wasn't overly impressed by him but he did what he had to do.  Aside from the costly interception (well, two costly interceptions) I thought that he managed the game well.  He was 19-28 for 195 yards and one rushing touchdown.

Lamar Miller is the spark that we desperately need.  119 yards rushing, a 41-yard touchdown, and 100 yards worth of kick returns is what we expected from him.

Maurice Hagens looked good as well.  He converted in much needed short yardage situations.  Good to see him leading the tandem of smash and dash.

As a whole, our receiver's preformed well, especially Tommy Streeter.  I think that he is going to have a good year.  He came through when we needed him and he was a key figure in a clutch penalty resulting in a Miami first down.  I was glad to see Dorsett get some time, he's going to develop into a solid receiver. 

At first, I was wondering where this impenetrable offensive line was all night.  They had been hyped up all preseason and I was assuming that Morris would have all night to get rid of the ball.  They started off slow, but once the game got rolling, our O line looked good--I would give them a B+.  It will be nice to get Henderson back for sure.

As for the defense, they played exactly how I expected they would.  Giving up the continuous 10 yard bubble screen and allowing such a big cushion between Maryland's receivers, what was that all about?  Why not adjust?  Show me some blitzes, get in there and sack that damn O'Brien.  Should be a different story once our starters are back--at least I hope.  Red zone D was a huuuge plus.  Telemaque looked sharp, especially his interception in the end zone.  Can't wait to have Ray Ray back there holdin' it down, layin the lumber.

Our kickers and special teams looked like the polar opposites of last year.  It's bad when we relied on Bosher as both a tackler and a kicker.  Wieclaw hit a nice 30-yarder.

I will admit, and I hate to be this guy, that there were times when I thought that Randy Shannon was still on the sidelines.  Between the penalties and the turnovers, I was beginning to think that we were watching the same team as years before.  In Golden's defense, it was his first game, in front of a packed house, underneath the national spotlight.  As long as we take care of the Bucks, he can be forgiven--and the Noles--and the Hokies.  Wishful thinking but anything can happen in college football.  Go Canes!

P.S. what was with Maryland's uniforms?  What was that?  They looked like a bunch of chess pieces running around out there!