Friday, September 9, 2011

Jacory Harris Speaks

Jacory Harris recently spoke about his involvement with Nevin Shapiro and his recent suspension.  It was the first time that Harris has addressed the allegations.  According to Harris said:

"I apologize to the university, president (Donna) Shalala, starting with her first for everything that happened, everything that she had to go through during this time," Harris said. "Then all the fans, I want to apologize for something that happened our freshman year. We were all young, but still no excuse for what happened. And apologize to this team for everything that's been going down and putting them through things they had to go through during this hard time."

According to the NCAA, during his freshman year Harris accepted meals, entertainment, transportation and nightclub expenses totaling around $140.  Seems to me like the NCAA would have a lot more to worry about than a kid accepting $140.  Apparently not.

Harris declined to elaborate on whether or not his punishment fit the crime and he is due to return come the Ohio State game.