Saturday, September 10, 2011

Ohio State vs. Miami

One more week Cane Nation and we will be facing a somewhat depleted Ohio State team.  Would be better if our bye-week wasn't so early, but at least the coaches will have some time to work on the penalty situation.  We will be returning most of our starter's by game time and hopefully Golden's preference for Jacory Harris will be evident.  Harris has the upper hand when it comes to experience, but lacks the arm of Stephen Morris.  Although we continue to question some of the decisions that these two young men make, I really hope Harris is able to pull together a solid game.  It is time for him to step up--that, and limit the turnovers--please!

With that being said, another prime time game is in store for us.  May we not choke on national television for the second time in a row.  Granted, Ohio State's Bauserman is no O'Brien, I think our offense will expose Ohio State's relatively young defense.  Lamar Miller should have a field day.  Travis Benjamin should be able to drive the defense up field clearing the way for smash-n-dash.  With Forston, Ojomo, and Spense all returning, I still do not what what to expect from our defense.  Just stop the little bubble screens, otherwise this game will be as long as Robert Downey Jr.'s wrap sheet.

I am quite the optimist when it comes to my Cane's and given that Ohio State struggled with Toledo, my better half thinks that Miami wins by as much as two touchdowns.  FINAL PREDICTION: Miami 31 Ohio State 21.  Go Canes!