Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miami News

According to 247 Sports, The University of Miami received a $4.2 million dollar donation from the deceased Mary B. Hecht.  Hecht died 30 years ago and was a multimillionaire department store heiress.  The donation "will fund scholarships for football student-athletes."  President Shalala said "we are very moved by this wonderful gift." 

I saw that Ray Lewis swung by the U to give the team a little motivational support.  It doesn't get any better than that.  If he can't move this team, nobody can.

What's up with Mark May?  I see that he is still calling for the death penalty.  What a joke.  He must still be mad about us laying the smack down against Pitt last year.  Hey Mark, lay the ego aside and come back to earth.  Or better yet, don't come back.

Four more days til kickoff against the Terps.  I'm getting pumped.  I still think the Canes destroy em.  Final prediction:  35-10, the U!