Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Oh, Aldarius

To think of the player that you could have been.  Aldarius Johnson has been suspended indefinitely by Head Coach Al Golden, "without further explanation."  And his mom is furious.  Shantera Walker-Johnson is seeking clarification in regards to her son's recent suspension.  He is believed to have misled the NCAA.  Johnson's name was listed among those who received improper benefits from Nevin Shapiro, however, he was not punished by the NCAA.

This is where Johnson's mother has stepped in.  She decided to hire a lawyer in order to get her son reinstated.  According to Shantea, "they're trying to set an example with Aldarius.  But he's not the one to set an example on."

Prior to being suspended Johnson broke "Team Rule 10," a Twitter related rule set by Al Golden.  Apparently he sent out a Tweet asking followers what the best strip clubs in Miami are.

Johnson was a highly touted recruit in the class of 2008 and he may not step foot on the field this year.