Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Uncle Luke Suing Shapiro

Luther 'Uncle Luke' Campbell has decided to sue former University of Miami booster Nevin Shapiro.  Luke says he is "tired of Shaprio 'slandering' his name.  This clearly isn't about money.  Luke has simply become fed up with this guy's antics. 

This all stems from the recently published Yahoo! article and Luke claims his name was 'slandered' and 'defamed' by Shapiro.  According to Shapiro, "Luther Campbell was the first uncle who took care of players [at UM] before I got going.  His role was diminished by the NCAA and the school and someone needed to pick up that mantle.  That someone was me.  He was 'Uncle Luke' and I became 'Lil Luke.'" 

So does this mean that Luke can sue Yahoo! as well?  After all, they were the one's responsible for publishing the article. 

Luke is reportedly seeking more that $15,000 in damages.