Friday, January 6, 2012

James Burgess Jr. Decommits from UM

Homestead LB James Burgess Jr. has officially decommited from the University of Miami.

And in turn, do you know which school he has committed to?  That's right, Louisville.  That damn Louisville is starting to become a thorn in Miami's side.

While Miami anxiously awaits the verdict handed down by the NCAA, good ol' Clint Hurtt (a Miami alum I might add),  is sitting around somewhere in Louisville (probably in a single-wide) slamming the U--and why--in order to secure a couple of star players.  Chances are that Hurtt will not face any punishment for his involvement with Nevin Shapiro and will continue his mockery of the 'Canes.
But that's okay.  After all, Louisville is light years away from a BCS bowl.  And as far as a Nation Championship, heh heh.

So live it up while you can Hurtt.  Keep plucking those kids out of southern Florida.  It's only a matter of time before Golden has that sh*t on lock.