Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bernie Kosar Speaks

Here is some audio of former Hurricanes quarterback Bernie Kosar speaking about Nevingate.  Ah, Bernie.  I used to watch you as a kid when you were with the Cleveland Browns.  Although, I would have rather watched your ex-wife because she was pretty hot.  My relatives in Cleveland would call you Bernie Coleslaw.  I don't know why but that name always stuck with me.  If only you could have beaten Elway.

Anyways, does anybody know what happened to Bernie after he gave up football?  That guy slurred his words more than that stork on Looney Tunes.  Actually, I heard him commentating during an NFL game the other night and what a 360.  Either Bernie has made his drinking a little less obvious or AA really works.  Just as long as he doesn't emulate Joe Namath (how hilarious was that) he should be all right.  Stay in the booth Bernie and Go Canes!