Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Waiting Continues...

Another day and still no official depth chart has been released.  Golden has a tough decision on his hands.  Should he allow the twelve players currently under investigation to play this season?  Problem is, if Golden chooses to allow them to play and Miami is found guilty of any of it's current allegations, the University would receive much harsher penalties.  However, Golden could choose to suspend the players immediately so he wouldn't be found in violation of knowingly permitting the players to play-- like Tressel should have done.

If I were Golden, I would probably choose to suspend the current players before the season.  It may cost us a year of football and we will have to endure another mediocre record, but this could be hugely beneficial in the long run.  As of now, all twelve have not been ruled ineligible.  If and when UM decides to declare some or all of the players ineligible, they will have to petition the NCAA for reinstatement.  This is going to be a long drawn out process folks.  Apparently, each investigation  is done individually and can take up to eleven months.  So the waiting game continues Hurricane Nation.  Let's all hope the Golden boy doesn't jump ship.