Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Waiting Continues, Update

The Miami Herald has just reported that eight players have been declared ineligible, "all believed to be football players."  The University has already initiated the reinstatement process.  Rumor has it that Jacory Harris is to be listed as ineligible, as well as Sean Spence.  This is no bueno.  Seems like we will rely solely on Stephen Morris, at least for the first game. "In order for UM to ensure that those deemed ineligible have a chance to play Sept. 5 in the opener at Maryland without risking severe penalties by the NCAA, UM had to declare them ineligible."  Now the individual investigations will begin to take place. Upon each investigation an appropriate suspension will then be issued. Seems like UM is trying to right the ship before it sinks.  In my humble opinion, this was probably the best thing that they could do.  In Golden we must trust!