Monday, September 19, 2011

A Golden Delight

Well Cane Nation, Al Golden's Miami Hurricane's knocked off the #17 Ohio State Buckeye's by a score of 6-24.  I stood firm in my prediction that the U would win by at least two touchdowns, and while it wasn't the prettiest of wins, it was a much needed first win.  We didn't crack the top 25, but with a win over Kansas State I see us jumping in.  

The U dominated in the opening quarter with Lamar Miller rushing for  100 yards and Jacory Harris connecting with Allen Hurns for a pair of early touchdowns.  Harris looked like a new man.  He was confident, accurate, and showed signs of leadership.  However, the tables would turn quickly.   He also showed that he is still interception prone.  He simply waits to long to deliver the ball.  By the time Harris releases, the coverage is there.  With the two interceptions Saturday night, Harris now stands at 41 career interceptions.  That is unfathomable.  Perhaps it is time to give the job to Stephen Morris--permanently. 

On the other hand, Lamar Miller was a stud.  Rushing for a total of 184 yards on 26 carries, he showed that he deserves to carry the rock at least 25 times a game.  Said Miller, "I've been doing this my whole career," of long runs, "so it's normal to me."

Although at times the Cane's run defense seemed nonexistent, they held the Buckeye's to 209 total yards and just 35 yards passing.  Anthony Chickillo and Darius recorded the first two sacks of the season.  With the reutrn of senior linebacker Sean Spence, it was apparent that that is his defense.  Said Golden, "Sean Spence runs the show."  Spence was the cause of a tipped ball that fell into the arms of safety JoJo Nicolas.

With Kansas State coming to town , Golden released the depth chart.  It is as follows:


QB -- Jacory Harris, Stephen Morris, Spencer Whipple
RB --Lamar Miller, Mike James, Maurice Hagens
WR -- Allen hurns, LaRon Byrd or Tommy Streeter
WR -- Travis Benjamin, Phillip Dorsett, Kendal Thompkins
TE -- John Calhoun, Asante Cleveland, Chase Ford, Clive Walford
LT -- Brandon Washington, Malcolm Bunche
LG -- Harland Gunn, Jeremy Lewis
C -- Tyler Horn, Shane McDermott
RG -- Brandon Linder, Jared Wheeler
RT -- Jon Feliciano, Joel Figueroa


DE -- Adwale Ojomo Anthony Chickillo
DT -- Micanor Regis, Darius Smith
DT -- Marcus Forston, Jalen Grimble
DE -- Andrew Smith, Marcus Robinson
OLB -- Ramon Buchanan, Jordan Futch
MLB -- Jimmy Gaines, Gionni Paul
OLB -- Sean Spence, Denzel Perryman
CB -- Michael Williams, Lee Chambers
CB -- Brandon McGee, Thomas Finnie
FS -- Vaughn Telemaque, Andrew Swasey
SS -- JoJo Nicolas, A.J. Highsmith


P -- Dalton Bots, Jake Wieclaw
K -- Jake Wieclaw, Matt Goudis
KO -- Jake Wielcaw, Matt Goudis
KR -- Lamar Miller, and Travis Benjamin
PR -- Travis Benjamin, Phillip Dorsett