Thursday, September 15, 2011

Injury Report vs. Ohio State

Hello Cane Nation--as well as others.  Today the injury report vs. Ohio State was released.  Some interesting stuff on there. With the return of Forston, Spence, Ojomo, Benjamin, and Harris, they will provide some much needed depth.  Let's hope this Canes team decides to show up and display a much more solid performance than the showing vs. Maryland.  First and foremost, the O line needs to create some holes for smash and dash.  They could barely hold their own against Maryland.  They got pushed around more than a fan watching Ron Artest play.  Make it happen boys!  And Jacory, please remember to keep the ball in the hands of the players with the big U on the sides of their helmets. Show us that you have matured, like we were supposed to witness last year.  Anyways, on to the injury report.

DT Curtis Porter--Out for game (Finger)

OT Seantrel Henderson--Out for game (Back)

DT Luther Robinson--Out for game (Leg)

DE Shayon Greene--Out for game (Knee)

*TE Blake Ayles--Out for season (Upper Extremity)

TE Cory White--Out for season (Knee)

The Blake Ayles injury was a bit surprising.  However, was he that good anyways?  I mean, when he wasn't hurt (which has probably been since high school)?  Seemed like his whole tenure at USC involved him headlining the injury report.  I think that Walford and Cleveland are better anyways.  Not to say that I am glad that Ayles is out for the season, but the aforementioned seem to be the bigger play makers, especially Cleveland.

According to, if Seantrel Henderson does not play before the first four games of the season he plans on red shirting.  Sounds like he isn't that interested in sticking around another year however.  How could you blame him?  Kid is gonna make some serious moolah come draft time.  The offense could certainly use him in the trenches though.

I am still expecting a Miami win.  My gut tells me it is going to be closer than I expect, however, I am sticking by my prediction:  Miami wins by at least two touchdowns.  I saw that the U is a two point favorite going into the game, so basically Vegas sees this game as a pick-em.  I thought I gave up betting with my heart rather than my brain, but I see the U getting Golden his first win Saturday night.